Cheese - West

     Cheese - Western U.S.

     Report 7 - Released on February 14, 2018

     Cheese makers in the West report relatively steady domestic demand. Although a few
     manufacturers have seen the typical seasonal slowdown of orders for finished goods, overall,
     cheese is moving without a lot of discounting. Higher cheese prices in the EU and Oceania
     are helping generate good sales opportunities in some international markets. Cheese
     production is active while there is an abundance of milk. Cheese inventories are generally

     The DMN National Retail Report-Dairy for the week of February 9-15 shows the U.S. weighted
     average advertised retail price for an 8 ounce pack of natural shredded cheese is $2.16,
     down $.02 from last week. Packs average $2.37 in the Southwest and $2.00 in the Northwest.
     One year ago, the national price was $2.36 For 8 ounce blocks, the U.S. price is $2.10,
     unchanged from last week. Blocks average $2.34 in the Southwest and $2.03 in the Northwest.
     One year ago, the national price was $2.26.

     In the West, wholesale prices were up $.0375 for process, and up $.0525 for cheddar block,
     cuts, and Monterey Jack. Swiss cut wholesale prices are unchanged from last week.

     Cheddar 10 pound Cuts               1.8200-2.0400
     Cheddar 40 pound Block              1.6400-2.0850
     Monterey Jack 10 pounds             1.8300-1.9900
     Process American 5 pound Loaf       1.4375-1.6950
     Swiss 6-9 pound Cuts                2.9000-3.3300

     Information for the period February 12 - 16, 2018, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     This week, a cooperative export assistance program accepted requests for export assistance
     on contracts to sell 1.2 million pounds (550 metric tons) of cheese. So far this year, the
     program has assisted member cooperatives who have contracts to sell 13.9 million pounds of
     American-type cheeses in export markets.

     In CME Group trading Wednesday, barrels closed at $1.3900, up $.0400 from a week ago and
     blocks closed at $1.5100, down $.0100.
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