Alabama Weekly Feedstuff/Production Cost Report (Mon)
Montgomery, AL    Mon June 19, 2017    USDA-AL Dept of Ag Market News

Alabama Weekly Feedstuff/Production Cost Report 

  Feedstuff prices, dollars per ton, bulk, truck delivered to areas 
in state unless otherwise stated.

  Compared to one week ago: Whole cottonseed and gin trash steady, 
soy hull pellets and corn gluten pellets steady, corn mostly steady, 
fertilizer and lime steady, farm diesel mostly steady.

Whole Cottonseed (FOB Gin)     185.00-215.00     Gin Trash  12.00-15.00

                                   North           Central          South   
Soybean Hull Pellets           115.00-135.00    145.00-165.00    160.00-175.00
Corn Gluten Pellets 21% prot    95.00-175.00    100.00-190.00    120.00-210.00
# 2 yellow Corn per bushel       4.39-4.75        4.39-5.00        4.39-5.15
(rounded to nearest whole cent)

Production cost items state wide: cash prices bulk, FOB distributor, 
Per ton unless otherwise stated. Fertilizer in granular form unless 

Liquid Nitrogen 28% spread                  235.00-390.00
Ammonium Nitrate                            300.00-420.00
Urea                                        330.00-500.00
13-13-13 (lbs N-P-K per 100 lbs fert)       340.00-420.00
17-17-17 (lbs N-P-K per 100 lbs fert)       351.00-480.00
DAP (Diammonium Phosphate 18%N 46%P)        420.00-560.00
Lime (spread)                                30.00-50.00
Potash (Potassium)                          310.00-440.00

Farm Diesel Fuel per gal <1000 gallons        1.71-2.14

Source:  USDA-AL Dept of Ag Market News, Montgomery, AL
         David Garcia, OIC
         Johnny Young, Market Reporter Phone 334-223-7488

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